Friday, February 12, 2016


Over the past year and a half, I have become more and more interested in print media, and have especially enjoyed making zines. I wanted to showcase a few of my favourites so far! 

Sketchbook Copies
I'm always sketching and wanted to figure out a way of sharing these small studies with the world. So, I decided to photocopy my sketchbooks and covered them with patterned craft paper! Each zine has a different arrangement of pages, and I think the project turned out pretty well!

 Another constant hobby of mine is photography. Everywhere I go, my camera or cell phone comes with me. These photo zines are an easy way for me to compile everything. I'm also practicing my design skills with some collaging and digital art. Completed with sparkly covers, this particular photo series is a mixture of images from Costa Rica and Toronto. All photos were taken with disposable cameras.

 My third ongoing series are these fun colouring books! So far I just have one book, Colour Me 6ix, which has hand-drawn scenes of Toronto. I love the idea of colouring books, and plan on expanding this into a series of city-based books. 

2x6', oil on canvas, December 2015

Mini Paintings

I've been doing a series on miniature paintings over the past few months, and really enjoying it! 
Here's a couple of 4x4 inch pieces, both based off of images I took while in Seattle:

Studio Update, February 2016

Wanted to give you guys a quick update of what I've been up to in my studio the past couple of months! I wanted to include the process work for my current painting. The image is inspired from my trip to Costa Rica...

laying out the colours for my background...

...after blending the pigment together. I wanted the scene to have a glowing effect.

My palette for this piece! Mostly shades of green.

The initial underpainting- about an hour's worth of painting. 

small detail 

After adding a bit of blue and pink, I'm pretty satisfied with how this piece is looking right now. I think I'm going to let it sit for a bit before deciding if I want to add more!


Gerrard, oil on canvas, 8x8"

Pape Module, oil on wood panel, 9x12"

Untitled, 5x3', oil on canvas, January 2016